FileCoin can have a good growth in the medium term

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Hello friends, have a good time
The coin file is only technically checked and it is not a financial recommendation for buying and selling.
In my opinion, it can have a good potential for growth.
I have two scenarios for the coin file.
One blue line and one green line are marked on the chart.
In the first scenario of these ranges to reach 8.1 dollars, I have specified the next goals in the chart, which have the potential to be achieved in the long term (there is also the possibility of sharp movement to reach the goals).
The second scenario is to return to the range below 3.5 dollars and start a strong movement.
The chart is reviewed weekly and naturally, a long-term view is necessary.
When we reach the range of 8 dollars, the transaction becomes risk-free.
Stick to your trading plan including entry points-exit points-risk management and capital management.

Be successful and profitable❤❤❤
Have a nice day friends, happy new year
As I analyzed a few days ago, the first target was touched and the price exactly touched the 8.1 range, giving a 40% profit.
In my opinion, FileCoin can still touch higher prices.
Please make your trade risk free.
I keep the trade open by following capital management.
Friends who are speculators can consider the range of $9.76 and $14,200 as the next targets.
Friends, I think if you put a stop loss, it touched, but the condition of the coin file is very good.
On the monthly time frame, the price had a liquidity gap (FVG), so it went to collect liquidity.
Re-enter by following Capital Management in the $6 range.
I'm sure FileCoin should reach $16 and even higher prices.
But there is a liquidity gap in the $3.4 range, which the price has not yet filled. (It may see the $3.4 range before moving towards $16)
Keep liquidity for lower prices to reduce your averages purchases if needed.
Don't worry and do not unusual things, everything is normal.
Holder will definitely reach the targets I mentioned (I mean $16) in the medium term.
Trade active:
Hello friends, I hope you are well
If you enter the $6 range, you are now in profit, you don't need to take a risk-free trade.
Coin file has 3 drives in one hour.
We probably have a retracement to the 5.80 range, then the price will move higher, after that we will probably have a retracement to the 5.60 range, then we will move towards the $9 range (1 hour time).
You can consider the following ranges as targets (price may move quickly, while my view is long-term)
Guys, as I predicted 10 hours ago, the price reached exactly 5.80 from the specified range of 6.40 and returned.
The price can go above 6.50 and make a new higher high and see the range of $7 and then fall back below 5.80 and see the range of 5.65 and then move back to $9 (target already specified).
I advise the holder to be patient and do nothing
Be kind
Trade active:
Hello friends
I felt the need to update you on my analysis. As I mentioned earlier, Coinfile should have gone below $3.50, but I underestimated the likelihood of that happening. Unfortunately, the current price of FileCoin is lower than our buy point, resulting in a temporary loss for us. However, as long as we keep the Coin file and don't sell it, we still have no loss. So, let's be patient and hold some cash for lower prices if FileCoin falls further. However, I advised my friends to keep their Coinfile investments and wait for the price to rise again. Remember that we bought FileCoin for a medium-term investment, so don't focus on short-term fluctuations. I have been analyzing the file coin for a month now, we made a 40% profit and we are closing the second purchase with a profit❤❤❤
Now the whole market has fallen and I am updating my analysis in this falling market and I say don't worry I am with you and your friend. Despite the current downturn, I am confident that I will see positive returns in FileCoin in the future. So, let's not worry and continue to move forward together.
Trade active:
Greetings to my beloved companions.In the previous conversation, I informed you that there is no need to worry about the temporary decrease in the price of FileCoin. Currently, the price of filecoin is higher than the purchase price. However, to be safe and reduce risk, it is recommended to place your trade risk-free in the $9.70 range. The price range between $12 and $16,500 is very important for Filecoin, especially the $14,200 range. It is better to avoid leveraged trading as the price of Filecoin may fluctuate suddenly. Although Filecoin may reach higher targets (24-28-34), the main target is still in the $12-16 range, especially at $14,200. It is important to be careful when trading beyond the $9.5 range as it is very risky. In conclusion, I wish you success and endeavors in your trade.
Trade active:
My dear friends, we need to have our strategy from now because the file coin may pump and I want to avoid making decisions based on fear or greed.
I believe that this approach is currently one of the most effective plans that we can implement
One possible strategy for investors in File Coin is to cash out their principal investment between the $12-$14 price range, especially at 13/700 or 14/250, and keep the profit. That way, investors can keep some of their File Coin holding to potentially more profit if the price of file coin goes higher prices(24-28-34) And if the coin file reaches below 7-4 dollars again, we will enter again.
You can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone and that a higher power is watching over you.
Hey there, just wanted to remind you all about the strategy I shared earlier for those who made medium-term purchases. Also, I advise against using scalpers as the prices may drop from their current levels.
Hello friends, FileCoin is involved in various resistances at the price of 7.75 dollars, it may have a return to the range of 5-6 dollars.
I suggest making a risk-free trade by closing 30% of the position and setting a stop loss at the entry point.
Trade closed manually:
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the market outlook looks very good right now and it is possible that investors will feel that they are missing out if they don't act soon. Also, I wanted to mention that I decided to close the deal and I am happy to report that we are almost 100% profitable. If the file returns to the range of 6.15, I will enter again
Be happy
Trade active:
Hello friends, good time, as the price of FileCoin was traded in the range of 11 dollars, I said that it is possible that the price will go down, and this happened now.
In this range of 9 dollars, you can enter again, just keep some cash for the range of 6 dollars
Do not be afraid of these price corrections
Good luck
Trade active:
Greetings, my dear friends. I hope you are doing well. As I mentioned earlier, the price was expected to move towards the range of 5-6 dollars, and it did. This is the time to make a second purchase, so don't worry about the negative market trends. Previously, when the price was around 11 dollars, I advised you to be cautious of the market's optimism, but now it's time not to be afraid of market negativity. These prices will soon become a distant memory. We have two purchase levels now, which are 6 and 9 dollars, and the average purchase price is 7.5 dollars. I will let you know about the target soon.
BE Nice

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