Filecoin (CRYPTO: $FIL) Looks Juicy Halfway Thru 2021! 🍒🍒🍒

What Is Filecoin (FIL)?
Filecoin is a decentralized storage system that aims to “store humanity’s most important information.” The project raised $205 million in an initial coin offering ( ICO ) in 2017, and initially planned a launch date for mid-2019. However, the launch date for the Filecoin mainnet was pushed back until block 148,888, which is expected in mid-October 2020.

The project was first described back in 2014 as an incentive layer for the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer storage network. Filecoin is open protocol and backed by a blockchain that records commitments made by the network’s participants, with transactions made using FIL, the blockchain’s native currency. The blockchain is based on both proof-of-replication and proof-of-spacetime.

Who Are the Founders of Filecoin?
Filecoin was founded by Juan Benet, who also created the Interplanetary File System. Benet is an American computer scientist who studied at Stanford University. After founding Protocol Labs in May 2014, he attended Y Combinator in the summer of 2014 with the intention of supporting both IPFS and Filecoin, as well as other projects.

What Makes Filecoin Unique?
Filecoin aims to store data in a decentralized manner. Unlike cloud storage companies like Amazon Web Services or Cloudflare, which are prone to the problems of centralization, Filecoin leverages its decentralized nature to protect the integrity of a data’s location, making it easily retrievable and hard to censor.

Decentralized storage systems like Filecoin allow people to be their own custodians of their data, as well as makes the web more accessible to people worldwide. Since participating in the Filecoin network by mining and storing is directly related to winning more block rewards, Filecoin incentives participants to act honestly and store as much data as possible
Comment: We Are Currently Holding 570+ Filecoin (CRYPTO: $FIL)
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Comment: We Are Currently Holding Almost 900 Filecoin (CRYPTO: $FIL).
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Umm.. it broke the 61.8 and barely holding. It's going much lower esp since crypto will be over the next few weeks
@Vinny10, One Peek At Your Profile Shows You Have Absolutely No Clue What You Are Talking About LOL
Vinny10 Bullishcharts
@Bullishcharts, Please elaborate in detail, because this coin is breaking structure
We Are Currently Holding 570+ Filecoin (CRYPTO: $FIL)
Vinny10 Bullishcharts
@Bullishcharts, That's great an all but how does this look "juicy" when it's breaking technical fib levels? Can you elaborate on that? I only ask because the BTC futures chart based on strictly price action looks like it will bring the other coins down with it during it's retracement. Once it hits my key area, I may pick this up
@vinh003, Thank You We Appreciate The Nice Feedback!