Stocks pairs trading: XMO vs FSLR

BATS:FSLR   First Solar, Inc.
In the energy sector, the contrasting financials and growth trajectories of First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) and Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) present a compelling case for a strategic investment approach. Consider going long on FSLR while shorting XOM to capitalize on their distinct market positions and financial performance.

Why Buy FSLR:

P/E Ratio: FSLR’s P/E of 30.35, though higher, reflects its growth potential in the renewable energy sector. In contrast, XOM’s lower P/E of 10.31 might be indicative of market skepticism about its growth prospects in a world increasingly shifting towards renewable energy.

EPS Growth: FSLR’s impressive EPS growth this year of 1983.60% far outpaces XOM’s decline in EPS by -33.38%. This stark contrast highlights FSLR’s robust growth trajectory.

Forward P/E: FSLR’s forward P/E of 10.35, significantly lower than its current P/E, suggests strong future earnings growth, a positive sign for investors.

Sector Outlook: As the world increasingly focuses on renewable energy, FSLR, being a key player in this sector, stands to benefit from these global trends.

Why Sell XOM:

Industry Shift: The energy sector is gradually shifting towards renewables, which may pose long-term challenges for traditional oil and gas companies like XOM.

EPS Decline: The significant decline in XOM’s EPS this year could be a red flag for investors, signaling potential underlying issues.

High Dividend Yield: While XOM’s high dividend yield of 3.57% is attractive, it might not compensate for the potential capital loss due to industry shifts and market volatility.

52-Week Range: XOM’s price closer to its 52-week low and a year-to-date performance of -5.94% might indicate market concerns about its future prospects.


Buy 1 FSLR
Sell 1 XOM

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