NASDAQ:FTEK   Fuel Tech, Inc
Air pollution Systems will be in high demand in order to reduce carbon footprint, the industry world is gonna need to adapt and help global warming, Fuel Tech can do that! With days to cover is 1.70 DTC and short borrow fee rate is 2.14% and climbing. The short shares available to short is under 30k shares and no more than 350k in less than 22 hours ago! Fluctuating moments but the buying pressure is getting hot and more retail traders are coming in. Carbon Footprint is a problem and Fuel Tech has Systems that can help companies reduce global warming. There is also HUGE incentive TAX CREDITS from the FTB when investing in the Fuel Tech Air pollution Systems. They have multiple governments contracts underway, assets are 6 times more valuable over liabilities and THEY HAVE NO DEBT! Tetra Tech ( TTEK ) Board Okays $400M Share Buyback Program; A share buyback is another way to use cash. Buying shares reduces the number in the market. Less shares means each share is worth a larger piece of the company.