FTT update 27.12.23: The #*i@ origin

Do you know what I dislike the most? Corrections. These tricky zigzags, abstruse combinations and treacherously dangerous variations 1-2.
Especially when the market seems bullish.
More than that, I don't like all kinds of influencers, with subscribers of 5,000+ people, who interfere with rational thinking. Actually, this time it turned out that way (last time I listened to the "expert" from BIG TIME(you can see this in my post about bigtime)). They throw you off the right course and it's annoying.
BUT that's enough, I'm going back to the basics.

if you follow my FT review, you may have noticed that I considered 2 options: bullish and correction to the $2 zone. I'm coming back to this idea, a $2 correction, through a FLAT. Look at the graph, you can see everything there. do the math yourself, if you know Elliott's theory. If not, then follow the drawing.

The attractive madness of the ancients is growing and their voices are being heard more and more vividly in the mouths of hamsters. I'm buying an alts, they say. We'll see.

I also bought and will buy more, but... below :)
PEACE! WAR! Neutrality!

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