$GAME looks like a break out is coming

BITTREX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
LOoking at the various timeframes, we might expect a break out coming soon.

Daily: deep pullback almost into to the previous accumulation zone (orange box on the left). Currently in a trend reversal patter with strong rise of volume .

240: is showing the trend reversal pattern, close to completing a 5 legs pattern. This pattern may also continue further to the downsinde where the trendlines come closer to eachother, but I doubt.

60m: I noticed that the price moved 2x into the blue boxes (fibo extentsions) and it looks very likely to me that the next upmove leads to the next blue box. Pullback from there to retest the trendline and if its in a bullish pattern , it might be a great chance to buy after that breakout.

I will put GAME on my watchlist and update you when necessary.

Tradingadvice: wait for the breakout if you want to play it safe (like me).
Comment: Another bounce off the trendline but now in a bullflag, seems to me as a matter of time before it breaks out