FX:GBPAUD   British Pound / Australian Dollar
Updated version to our initial Blue FX Trend Strategy

What has changed?

This version is specifically coded for trading off the H1 timeframe, with the H4 confluence automatically built in.

This means that we increase our probability and confluence by ensuring that price has closed above or below on the last H4 candle.

The main update here though it the addition of labels for a SL placement and multiple TP's based on the Average True Range for the pair (14).

What does it do?

Our strategy will help you identify the current trend in the markets and highlight when this is changing. The strategy itself is based upon 4 indicators lining up in total confluence to increase the probability of the trade being a success, this is specifically an EMA , MACD settings, Supertrend criteria and also Momentum.

Absolutely no technical analysis is needed to trade this successfully - this can be used on all time frames and all pairs - obviously with varying profitability as all pairs work differently - this can be reviewed quickly in 'Strategy Tester' to hone in on your own desired settings.

When all criteria is in alignment the strategy will convert all candles to the relevant colour - Green for an uptrend and Red for a downtrend; a candle that is printed normally simply shows that no current trend is in place to warrant a colour change. A normal coloured candle could possibly indicate a change in current market direction or the market consolidating before a further move in the initial direction. When a new signal is valid 'Blue FX Buy'' or 'Blue FX Sell' will be displayed and the small arrow shown on candle open for entry.

The ATR settings are also customisable depending upon your own trading parameters. It is worth while doing some research into using ATR for choosing your SL and TPs - also we encourage you to use a trailing SL function to lock in and secure more profits as shown with the EURAUD example above.

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