SAXO:GBPJPY   British Pound / Japanese Yen
Level EQ of 3HR & 4HR OB being respected.

Trading Plan:-
1) Currently seeing daily OB being respected.
2) Will closely monitor to see if any BOS in higher tf.
3) Anticipating accumulation for now, then when BOS happened, will look for OB again for long opportunity.
4) Target 154.2x; 155.3x

Patience! Patience! Patience!
Order cancelled: No BOS significantly, trade avoided and no losses. BOS to me should be trendline + horizontal line of last recorded in hourly Timeframe.

Still learning. Welcome. Any input of suggestion if find my interpretation is wrong.

Im still very basic level of OB learner, not even know mitigation blocks, inducements, breakers, fair value gaps, Imbalances, liquidities, SSL, BSL, SH, TSL, TBL, UT, SOS, SMS, LPSI, UTAD, Spring, Choch, Po3, AMD😂😂😂 whoa! Plenty to discover now... Lol