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Note Stoch
on M5/15 we just had a little bounce. H4 still points lower. I'll say we'll get to 6060 before Friday is over. Who knows. ;)
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HappyKing isomorph
Who knows. ;)
Thanks for kind comments
isomorph HappyKing
You're most welcome. I love TA and talking about it... sometimes a little too much ;) . Anyway, price is now under 6030 and we have the YPP (yearly pivot point) at 5986 and MPS1 at 5960--I use traditional pivots. If this support range holds and price bounces from there, we would have a double bottom on H1/H4 or if bounce starts from 6011 (which is the 78.6% fib retrace of the move up from 5953), then that would complete the left wing of a potential Gartley 222 BUY structure--if we get it or a derivative (butterfly/bat/crab) that would be very good as it would happen towards a bottom (BUY structures are more meaningful at bottoms), then we can look for a resumption of the bull trend as BoE is poised to raise interest rates sooner than other countries (so an upside potential of at least 900-1000 pips.

Note that Williams's synthetic VIX is giving us a false signal on H1 atm and no signal yet on H4. When we get a series of lime bars on H4 and/or Daily, I'd say it's gonna be time to look for a entry point to go long.

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