6 keyboard shortcuts for faster sharing, note taking & charting

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Today, we want to show you 6 keyboard shortcuts that can improve the way you see price, share ideas, and track your progress. To get started, open a chart and try any of the following keyboard combinations:

Alt + S = Snap a picture of your chart
Alt + W = Add symbol to your watchlist
Alt + L = Open a Log chart
Alt + P = Open a % chart
Alt + G = Go to a specific date on the chart
Alt + N = Start a new note

If you're on a Mac, use the option key ⌥:

⌥ + S = Snap a picture of your chart
⌥ + W = Add symbol to your watchlist
⌥ + L = Open a Log chart
⌥ + P = Open a % chart
⌥ + G = Go to a specific date on the chart
⌥ + N = Start a new note

Let's talk about why some of these shortcuts are important and how you can use them. Alt + S is how you instantly take a snapshot of the chart you're looking at. This makes it easy to share charts with friends, chat rooms or anywhere else on social media.

Alt + L is how you switch to a log chart and Alt + P is how you switch to a percentage change chart. When analyzing a chart, both of these keyboard shortcuts can give you alternative views to test your hypothesis. For example, how much is a specific symbol up or down over a certain period of time? Use Alt + P for that. Logarithmic charts, on the other hand, will adjust the y-axis (price) to reflect the change from one price to the next rather than being spaced equally. Use Alt + L.

Lastly, let's talk about Alt + N . That's how you open a new note. You can use Text Notes on TradingView as a trading journal. Brainstorm ideas, write down your thoughts, and record a plan right from your text notes. This can be really important for building a long-term process and reflecting on your ideas as a trader or investor.

Thanks for reading and we hope these keyboard shortcuts help. If you have any questions or comments, please write them below in the comments. We've also linked another idea below that dives into some more shortcuts that you can explore and learn.
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle 'auto scale' on and off?
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Awesome thanks
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thanks for sharing but I would like to add an additional shortcut, ALT + I = inverts your chart
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Thanks 🙏 for the tip
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I'm itching to become more literate in stock analysis. Thanks for the tips. Also, I just want to talk to people on chat!
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TradingView BaconWizard
@BaconWizard, Follow along! We have a lot of updates to share and show you
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this is very helpful! thank you!
The ability to keep chronological text based journal entries linked to ticker symbols is golden!! I look forward to being able to export, sort, and display this data in a variety of displays. Is very cool!
Ok, a silly question. So when I snap a pic of the chart using ⌥ + S on my mac, er, how do I retrieve the pic? Will it be on my desktop or on Trading View?
How do I get my charts to have that candle-like looking graph instead of the default blue line?