GDB pullback completed and ride on!

While most of construction stocks has been battered badly from the uncertainty in job market and start to recover from the stimulus package, GDB has been one of the outperformed developer cum construction company after October 2020; steadily increase in price and now continuation the uptrend after the short rest past 3 weeks. Formed a V shape recovery soon after the bottom, and now completed pullback.
Here some point to look into
1. Uptrend. Completed pullback with wide spread up bar with higher volume than 2 previous bar.
2. 10/20 MA has crossed over.
3. MACD also crossed over.
4. Support 0.995, EP 1. 05 , TP 1.29 (fibo 1.618). R/R is 3.69
5. background is green and continuation uptrend. Buyer in control
6. Im holding 1.02 to be honest.