Short DAX : Wave 5 Completion

FX:GER30   DAX index of German listed shares
464 10 6
DAX is now in wave 5 of wave 3 of wave 3.
Channel Resistance ahead. Looks like a monthly Doji or Shooting Star at the top.
Trendline resistance also .
Dollar index             now in wave 4 consolidation mode therefore euro             will rise and DAX             will correct.
It's Short on DAX             : Stop Loss At : 12398 : Target - 10000 or more
Any update on India's NIFTY-50 and/or SENSEX-30 will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I'm so surprised that you think DAX will fall to 8600 this year...
AnbHfund jimmy_hongkong
Could be !! You never know !! But 10000 is on cards.....And Just in PBoC cuts rates to save it's Shanghai market futures 7% drop......If Dax can rise by about 20 % in just 4 months ...then keep in mind always " Market falls faster than they rise "
i am not sure w5 of W3 is over, could be w5.1 as well
DAX - Shortterm correction target reached
AnbHfund look4edge
you are saying that we are in wave 1 of wave 5 - ( white one ) - then it would become larger than wave 3 .....Wave 5 is up nearly 45% nearly same as wave 1 - 43% . Also look at dollar index - it is in a consolidation mode and euro zone data was good ....And for DAX to go up - euro has to up against dollar and I just don't think dollar is going to go over 100 within next 1- 2 months. So keep an eye on eurusd.
look4edge AnbHfund
I think, dax and eustoxx are now in w4 of w5 or rather w5.1 (because of qe only started)
and do not worry about dxy, has plenty room, 105/109 is first target (eur parity), not mention how far will go after hike...
AnbHfund look4edge
Yup plenty of room for DXY but let it settle down a bit ...." Be patient -- because it pays much more " And please don't say QE is on ....Japs or US Fed QE was/is diff but Draghi QE is actually u need to pay to lend your money to a borrower....And who on earth will do that !!! EURO QE will fail even before it's time period !! Just don't bet on Euro QE - it will hurt badly !!
AnbHfund AnbHfund