DAX - Daily long with R/R ratio 4.7

FX:GER30   DAX Index
MTPredictor's software generated low risk high reward scenario on DAX . Long, stop and target are automatically calculated by software. STF trend indicator is blue, that is indicating trend is up.

This is the setup:
Long at 11071
Stop at 10863
Profit target at 12059
Profit around 8%
Risk Reward ratio 4.7 (that means i am risking 1 unit to get 4.7 units)

In this trade, my reward is 4.7 times bigger than what i am risking, so this is good trade to take. I don't know does DAX get to my goal, all i know is that my risk is constant and controlled, and that's is only what matters!
Only thing i can control on market is my risk !