NASDAQ:GFAI   Guardforce AI Co., Limited
GFAI , prev runner up in pm!
Guardforce AI Co., Limited experienced significant movements in its stock price on Thursday, Jul 20, 2023, with a remarkable 99.51% difference between its highest and lowest points during the trading session. The stock price surged impressively, gaining 57.46% in a single day, rising from $4.09 to $6.44.

Throughout the trading day, the stock's price fluctuated between a low of $4.05 and a high of $8.08. While there have been some recent declines, the stock is still showing an overall increase of 40.31% over the past two weeks. The trading volume also saw a substantial boost on this day, which is considered a positive technical signal. Approximately 68 million more shares were traded compared to the previous day, with a total of 68 million shares bought and sold, amounting to around $437.64 million in transactions.

The stock has broken out of its wide and falling short-term trend, signaling a potentially slower rate of decline and indicating a potential shift in the trend. The current broken trend's roof at $3.98 may now act as a support level, providing an opportunity for the stock to rebound. Some fan-theory suggests a possible next trend-top level at $10.11, which could act as a resistance level that might not be surpassed on the first attempt.

Due to the stock's high volatility and uncertain trend direction, it's difficult to provide a specific forecast range for its future performance. However, it's worth noting that if the stock price can maintain its current levels or continue to rise, the prediction target is expected to become more positive in the coming days as the conditions for the current predictions are modified.

As with any investment decision, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consider various factors before making any financial moves. Keep in mind that stock prices can be subject to rapid changes, and investment decisions should be made based on a comprehensive understanding of the company's fundamentals and market conditions.


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