nur16i Premium Updated   
NASDAQ:GMDA   Gamida Cell Ltd
The paper has formed a Cup pattern at the bottom, and has recently broken through the lid, which is a local resistance level (see lower yellow circle). Upon going up, a Triangle pattern was formed, which has already been broken (see the upper yellow circle). Now it is assumed that 2 targets will be fulfilled - $ 11.21 and $ 12.42, a 32% increase in total. From there, the paper should begin to form the next pattern and it is possible to achieve the third target of $ 14.45 (an increase of another 16%). In this case, a historical maximum will be reached, which the security may try to break upward, which will happen with a very high probability.
Trade active:
I will average the position, came to a good level of support
Trade closed: target reached:
The security shot up 65%, the goal was achieved, I close 50% of the position, leave the rest to grow