$GME to 17

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Good Morning Traders,

Not financial advise, at ones own risk:reward
GME failure to hold levels gained and losing level sends this back to the origin.
GME to 17

Too many believers without continuation turns the believers stop loss to close orders as fuel for down.

Will be back with an update around target price with an update and possibly a long.

Have a nice weekend traders

Check the previous idea from $29 to $42 with $58 targets.
longterm this is going to single digits.
$17 incoming first though
Potential for a bounce here based on price action.

traders who bought the low and bought the close who did not take profit are sitting profit targets for the big boys who shorted the high overnight.
don't get caught shorting the bottom and being used as fuel to drive the price back up.
I'm long into next week from here.
but long term bias after a retrace the move down and rejection I'm looking for $17
expecting a rise in price pre EOD as shorts take profit.
the long scalp is complete.

the price looks bad.
expiration around $17 or under
theres potential for bounce here based on new low that send the price up... regain/retry.

however nothing has changed and I think the big boys have lots of money to drive this down further and have the options expire worthless.
looks bullish inverted.
thats why the original chart was posted that way. to highlight, most likely in hindsight seeing bullish price action, but being conflicted with the inverse chart.

remove your bias and invert charts to check for your favourite setups without up or down bias.
reg bullish divergence on invert
double up projection to $17
There seems to be a lot of emotional fomo buyers and "investors" mad about calling price action for what it is.
The only thing that was required by price action, is a new high higher than the high that caused the price to go down (yellow line around $65) and hold what was gained for continuation.

neither of those happened, so the downwards projection back to the initial target on GME of $42 played out.

Don't be mad, be happy it happened.
if your emotional about someone saying price up or down, you may be over exposed.
The stock is down -54% since I posted that the big boys were in charge with shorts.
too many "long term investors" watching short term price action on this and far too emotional.

the whole basis for a squeeze is gone at this point in time currently.

The one thing that could have continued the push up was RoaringKitty exercising $20 calls when the price was over $40.
But then sophisticated actors within the financial markets moved the price after hours loading up on shorts and hammered price down, plus GME sold shares.

Upwards momentum dead in the water and the shorts are heavily levered up so as to outweigh buy pressure at key levels and times to cause cascading stop loss triggers sending the price lower.

120,000 calls at $20 for $5-ish cost after a pump and crash with less than 10 days till expiration makes that 60 million investment to 600+ million unrealized basically a break even wash.
Amazing entries, piss poor management by RK unfortunately.

GG go next
Potential for EOD rise prior to weekend here.

I don't provide calls or exact entries/exits on any ideas. If you look at the chart and find levels to work with thats up to you.

Even with a rise in price to $39 or $42 range the long term bias is still $17.
I'd rather miss a small move then mess around in the middle.
To the kid in the comments drawing trendlines and watching MACD talking about Citron.

Citron is 2 guys managing 21 million dollars and they closed their short. Enjoy the price action.

down over 50% since I called the top live.

gg ez
notice the dumb and smart money flow.
dumb sells, smart buys
dumb buys, smart sells
RoaringKitty sold his calls and bought more making the bottom
You'll keep paying the market until you learn price action, have fun beaking off instead of trying to learn.
despite all that has happened.
nothing actually changed.

still waiting for $17, not interested until uneducated GME traders capitulate, accumulation & a regain a lost level before being buying again.

I do not anticipate this to happen quick.
sure would be a shame
they're turning the arrow into a trendline.
gme down down down
Closing under $28 is bad.
can you see it now?
invert your chart and look for bullish
Trolling aside, this looks really bad.
If this regains and loses $30 again, $17 is next
"If only someone could have predicted this would happen and have warned me" -underwater buyer probably

Private group opening at $16.99
DM for pricing
🦍 HoOo-HOoOo HOoOoO-HoOoOoOooo 🦍
🦍 HoOo-HOoOo HOoOoO-HoOoOoOooo 🦍
🦍 HoOo-HOoOo HOoOoO-HoOoOoOooo 🦍
🦍 HoOo-HOoOo HOoOoO-HoOoOoOooo 🦍
down only
BULLISH but its inverted. oh no
RIP $28 resistance rejection buyers
If I saved you from getting wrecked boost the idea!
the arrow i drew prior to breakdown is becoming a trend line.
all the people who talked shit about GME down are no where to be found.

weird how that happens.
called the price action happening now before it happened.
if you come at me, don't miss apes 🦍 HoOo-HOoOo HOoOoO-HoOoOoOooo 🦍
GG wp if you were on the right side of this.
next update at sub $17 or ponzi price action
IYKYK, if not lol
Possible some people are not sure it's going down more yet, might retest the invalidation.

Personally it's not interesting as nothing indicates a reversal yet.
sure was a shame someone flicked a domino at the exact right time using the least amount of resources to cause a cascading trigger of stop losses sending the price lower.

OR the market works as it is supposed to and for each buyer there is a seller meeting equilibrium.

maybe both.

Too many believers without continuation become fuel for lower.
Who sold this lower?
The people that bought it higher.
Who bought it? no idea
whats their risk profile? no idea
if you shorted the top by some magic, you would need people to sell at lower levels so you could buy back lower for profit I think... humm, let me ask chatgpt
technically, the exact same thing can happen on non-inverted now.
new low lower than the low that sent price up can be bullish back to the failure.
above the failure is the same thing that sent price down but the obverse.
stop loss buy orders to close shorts that did not take profit.
holding local lows with bullish divergence on market cypher b can send this back to failure and depending the price could pop up and make a new high higher than what went price down (on invert, new low lower than the low that sent price down)
trend lines are not a thing as you may have learned and thats why breakdowns and breakouts fail to have continuation often.

when I draw them it is either highlighting price action divergence or exactly as the past have shown. stop loss fuel on a gain.
it's already done the thing on a intra-hour time frame...
either fails or gains locally until new local low/levels below, or back to breakdown origin
IF I was looking for a long.
It would be something like this with price action and marketcypher b together.
I think it's gaining levels on invert myself.
But who knows what could happen next, I do not!
close above the local white line send to new local high
close above green line send to red lines.
GME is great for the volatility, stability in price and DeepFuckingValue returns for investors require shaking out the weak hands, positive actions, and time.

A buy in the future wherever this bottoms out will wind up giving good short and long term gains.

I'll post a setup of what a low could look like, but this idea will be marked closed once $17 breaks on GME and maybe I'll post a long at that time.
every low under the current price is a weak low.
$20, $17, $15, $10

single digit GME is preprogrammed
any pumps are shorts taking profit to reshort higher
price is already sub $17, the market simply did not price it in yet
Guys, please don't buy the top, go on vacation while losing everything and become this guy harassing random people on the internet...
Absolutely unhinged.
Please pray for this person, but not their investments.
GME can't catch a bid. I wonder if people kept some dry powder or if they already allocated 75-100% at higher prices. Never go full in.
Good evening traders
here we have continuation of the original idea.
Bullish price action, bullish Market Cypher B
Dear Traders,

Yes I called a pump on my previous long idea for GME (here www.tradingview.com/...ike-the-stock-to-42/) on the last run up to Keith Gill aka RoaringKitty becoming a billionaire in unrealized profit.

Yes I called the failure to gain levels for continuation up live in the comments at $60 when it failed at $66. Projecting to $42 and down low as $21.93 with a failure of the $42 range.

before on left
after on right

Does that mean price is going to continue playing out as I chart? no
Does that mean I am not an idiot? no, I am an idiot.
Nothing here is financial advice.
Never risk more than you can comfortably lose.

If your down -25% you need to make back +33% to be break even
down -50% need +100% for break even
down -75% need +300% for break even
down -85% need +900% for break even
anything over -25% on your portfolio is poor risk management at the best and gambling at the worst.
to be very clear. I am an idiot.
under no circumstances should you follow anything posted on this account.

do your own research and only take trades with reasonable r:r that you believe in.
Even if GME dumps another -30%
DFV still found DFV in GME turning 50k into a quarter billion dollars in half a decade. Absolutely amazing, even if he does not sell and holds through an unrealized loss or unloads the remaining 6million.
if GME hits $17.5 and RoaringKitty does not make any adjustments, his first 2024 update of $174,536,838 invested in shares and options will be worth $157,517,500 value - down $17,019,338. If.

The future is interesting on this no doubt.
A lot of people have been liking and boosting this idea overnight through this morning. Hope you are all positioned well.

The Bullish Divergence I mentioned last night that could develop and send this back to the failure or even higher developed.
That most local price action IS what a low being made can look like.

Funny enough I was going to say last night before bed that hopefully people are not shorting the impulse breakdown.
A story of IFs.

IF the most amount of traders boosting this idea to $17 happened in the shortest period of time at the lows and they opened there
IF this is as illiquid as it seems
This will gravitate back to where it came from.

Inverse of same thing I said 11 days ago.
Too many believe price down without continuation down turns them into fuel for opposite move.

if your not actively trading GME or shorting the highs, I would forget about this until you forget about it.

In the future it will be a good buy.
I'm uninterested till something interesting happens.
if someone comes up with a good silly name for my account I will start streaming analysis and post better content educating more.
need a new name though.
last update till $17 or $28.
someone showed up and ruined the fun
but there was 3 setups over 3rr that played out live
this account will post better content
if you want to laugh: put this song on,

and read the chart at the same time
wrong song link.
this is the one.
I was expecting a pop on this by now.
really does seem like the believers have no $ left to buy again.
MarketCypherB and Price action looking to develop a pop.

Would need to hold $24 range and gain $27 to try higher.
Still touch and go, I would not long this myself even if I seen a normal setup I take with high risk:reward.
is it bartman?
Like clockwork these people sell the lows and buy the highs.
You could not make it up if you tried.
if someone saves the price in this range, it's going to start drifting up more.
then it's going to start triggering stop losses that are buys pushing the price up.
then uneducated traders will think it is safe so they buy supporting the range that price went into not from buying to open orders but buy to close orders.
then as it goes back to the origin of the failure, the sophisticated actor who loaded up on shorts and dumped it will have made nice gains on the short and long.
no... u cant chart GME Chad
why is the price lower than the bid and ask? what does it mean?
is this whale teeth?
is this pre MOASS?
I'm not Miss Cleo and she was not my Auntie. I don't know.
*hits the bong*
what if someone shorted the highs with size.
they could take profit on shorts and "pump the price" to stop out bottom shorters/wreck little fish shorting once it looks obvious price is going down.
reload more on shorts where forced buying of stop loss orders occurs -that way there is no retail shorts riding their coattails as they drive price down further to prevent them taking the lower liquidity they induced and generated.
bottom shorters wrecked, sell to close shorters stops next.
buyers with bad entry buying "safety" will be wrecked and push price back down after the forced buying ceases
most locally on intrahour, it's done the thing
you could learn the basics of price action and why markets move the way they do by reading my two threads on gme if you spend the time to get through the trolling and memes.


i posted gme up right before it went up.
the initial idea was posted with range for failure.
the price failed exactly within that range I posted before price got there.

look at that idea here ->
read the comments looking in that thread calling the top live projecting back to $42 then $28.
use the red zone as premium to sell
invert the chart, find a bottom.
price is over -%60% lower since I said failure to gain and price down.
price also made a new local high, higher than $30. (on invert chart)
people are looking at this and saying its bullish.
i hope you all make a million dollars on your next trade, whatever it is.
stupid people get attracted to stocks like GME as if a moth to a flame.
It's absolutely hilarious. without DRS this would be trading sub $5
if your reading something someone posted about price action and you are emotional or upset. i dont know what - but there is something you should be doing besides responding out the side of your neck in the comments.
here is some ideas from CHATGPT for you.
Update on the Ape in the comments talking about Diamond Hands.
From talking about just a test of the 200ema on the... 60minute chart to puking TWICE in 2 weeks. LOL

dip shits stay catching L's in the comments and their trading account.
Post your chart in the comments if you want to get laughed at.

next commenter: *dries the tears from their eyes* *sniffles* your not even nice, i bet you don't make money. *cries uncontrollably & closes for losses multiple times*

the low-testosterone desire to get in the comments of someone saying whats going to happen before it happens and tell them they are not nice, don't know anything, got lucky, don't make no money, et cetera...
I may know nothing about markets or price action - But it's still infinitely more than any mad idiot commenting in here
another sane, normal, profitable trader in the comments just wanting to chat about GME after I called the top at $66
every person commenting in here all mad about how dumb I am or how little I know...

yet my idea is right and theirs is wrong.
there is a lot to learn from that.
I might go radio silent till the absolute bottom and they are calling their local politican asking for an investgiation into the price action.

this is going lower than i posted and these people that think they know markets will sell helping drive it down to desirable buy prices.
Make sure to be following the new account for the long from the bottom.
everybody is a profitable trader and analyst when price is going up parabolic and any idiot makes money on everything.
post a idea in a downtrend or chop if you want to show you know something.
some kid thats crying in the comments about how I'm dumb posted this as an idea

imagine posting about a strong low that does not even give a SINGLE double digit bounce but instead tops the market for a -50% nuke.

these are the people commenting in here thinking they know something.
it's fucking wild man.
imagine they are commenting on my gme top call thats off by $2 from the high and called the bottom before it happened.

public education and bad parents are the reason society has gone to shit.
shill me some stocks you like
a 12 minute video
over 50 chapters of highly important information, for sure not bullshit.
displacement? this dude invented it!!!!!!!!

all that dumb shit on the chart when you could simply say retest the fail if it holds the lows. but thats not how you trick uneducated people into following you and growing your brand.
lol gme apes
uneducated analysts and traders look at this price action since the last high and think its priming to move anywhere besides where the sophisticated actors within this space want to push it at their desire.

There reason this range is holding is obvious if you know markets, and price will be restricted above and below until sufficient liquidity is built up before breaking it and forcing participation and inciting participation at other levels, or liquidity generation which is the market makers job.
"gme is gaining"
gme lost every single relevant level above current price.
the same levels that killed it before, killed it again.
the levels it made on the way up, killed it down to where it is now.
there is only one level gained, marked in green.
maybe these are all strong lows, maybe this level holds for ever, or maybe... aaahh I dunno man I'm just making stuff up here.
to me, this is bullish.
new low lower than the low that sent it up, try again.
the exact same thing I do for buying new lows or finding blue sky break away highs is the same thing.
its the exact thing I've talked about countless times in my ideas and updates.

its this.
no historical levels provided for reference. just this right here.
zoom into ltf...
if you dont know price action, you can't do this.
your lagging indicators won't tell you whats happening.
your indicator that provides a signal is unlikely to get an entry as close as you could with price action or with a clearly defined stop and target.

price action is king, if its not on the chart plotted in time or price it does not exist.
go learn al brooks or other traders that make fun of well known "educators" in the space
but then once you learn price action, you'll actually have to know everything else you DONT know... to know where price will go.

Ah, my fellow crypto-cosmic chartologists! Behold the celestial alignment of the Fibonacci fractal vortex, where the stochastic RSI oscillates in quantum harmony with the moon phases. 🌙📈

Let us delve into the mystical depths of the “Hyperdimensional Ichimoku Cloud of Infinite Confluence.” Our price prediction? A transcendental ascent to the astral plane of $42,069.420, precisely at the intersection of the “Ethereal EMA-666” and the “Cosmic Parabolic SAR.”

But wait, there’s more! Our proprietary “Quantum Harmonic Harmonics Oscillator” (QHHO) emits a harmonic resonance, revealing hidden dimensions where price dances with unicorns. The “Chaotic Chaos Bands” (CCB) intersect with the “Vortex of Volatility” (VoV), forming a Möbius strip of enlightenment.

And behold, the trend lines! A thousand strands, woven by the hands of Fibonacci himself, connect every candlestick to the Akashic Records. Each line represents a past life—nay, a parallel universe—where Dogecoin is the global reserve currency.

“But what about the RSI?” you ask. Fear not! Our “Quantum Sentiment Flux Capacitor” (QSFC) oscillates between “Lunar HODL” and “Solar FOMO,” guided by the gravitational pull of Elon’s tweets.

In summary, dear disciples of the cryptoverse, buy the dip, sell the ripple, and hodl your chakras. Remember: When the Bollinger Bands sing, the cosmic whales dance. 🐋🌌🚀

I've listened to the feedback in this thread and will curate my posts better with proper English, Grammar, and a littony of indicators for a fully fleshed out thesis on the market.
GME bulls and apes are weak and pathetic without relevant father figures in their life.

A small cohort of people in the know always win games against masses of uninformed people.

Anything important or relevant on GME will be posted on the new account.
The apes won't be able to find it since it would require thinking and reading so I'll see you traders there.
Watching GME believers talk about GME is completely identical to watching those deathtapes/gore videos
trash moves like trash, lost the last thing it gained that killed it before...
invert chart still bullish gaining what it lost. as per this cause of this thread. the invert bullish low at $66. down over -60% from the highs now
trendlines during powerhour are the most powerful in the universe.
if you can't explain why the wick of #2 is being filled and #1 was not, you don't understand what is happening.
I don't make the rules.
the redline on the initial idea was the kill confirmation. on LTF. which is why on HTF it is not traded through/filled out and instead topped the market pushing it lower.
I would open a private group when GME is 17
but the people that have money don't need education, and the people that do probably wont have any money left once this quits going down.

c'est la vie.
if you were following someone calling bottoms on GME as it kept tanking.
You have a few choices.

Stop following them.
Blindly follow them again.
Use them as counter indicators.
Go learn price and markets and laugh as they tell 100s to thousands of laymen wrong information at the wrong times adding liquidity and fuel to offside orders helping generate bigger movements in price action for more returns for the educated traders.

Or comment about how I'm dumb and poor and must make no money, or whatever else would make you happy. I support you in this.
if you go to dinner with cannibals and there is no dinner, they might eat you.
if you cannot find the liquidity, its you.
Son, hold my hand, I will show you.

Don't worry little guy, I won't let go of the bike seat until you can balance yourself
nothing and no body stops cascading stops losses that causes volatile price movements. price may temporarily be restricted or moved against the technical direction as they get positioned, but nothing and no body "saves" these people the way you think.

no body gets in the way. smart money, big money. nothing. because why would someone smarter and with more money than you, go out of their way to help you make money? hint: they wont.

it's not a thing that happens, so once it starts it does not matter from the highs or lows if there is poor or unmitigated levels. what happens is completion of the move once the cascading orders quit clearing the books and driving price.

the SAVING they get, is someone buying their stop loss. that's the only help the market will give you, someone buying your loss.

I've told you and multiple people have commented in here about how stupid I am. And we are all right. I'm a stupid person whos been working actively for a lifetime on becoming more stupid. Things are going well currently.

Now that its established I'm an idiot, and I explained all this regarding price action and markets to you.
Imagine knowing this, as a stupid person in his mums basement, or a whale pushing the price by himself and not taking advantage of the offside positions to profit...
The only interesting thing in the near term for GME is how DeepFuckingValue will be managing this.

I assume posting loss porn that will have people crying about how he should have sold for x million gains and helped them or donated or became x-man and fixed the worlds problems. Nothing about exercising $20 calls at $30,$40,$50,$60.
from 1 billion unrealized gains 14 days ago to incoming unrealized losses.

Keith sat through life changing money, and he's going to sit through a retracement that is going to cost a lot of retail traders all the money they made in their life.

true diamond hands.

ying and yang.
unfortunately tradingview is bugged out and I can't post more screenshots making fun of everyone talking trash on me, my life, my school, my location, etc because of doing analysis on GME and posting in advance where and why the price is going.

makes it less fun for me, which is what I care about.

absolutely nothing changed since $60 failed or invalidated the original idea.
In fact almost everything posted in advance, and during has been confluence for the OP being correct.

Try to imagine this thread as a stupid joke designed to make you laugh instead of something serious if you still can't get past your bias of GME up, or me dumb.
The only way your brain will accept knowledge without your subconscious attacking it is if you think it is a joke. Even then it might take time for your subconscious to figure it out.
google: The drift of death
there is "traders" trying to exercise options that lost.

they were already wrong, now they're gonna pay more to double down on it. LOL
the madness driving people to ADD to a proven losing position at a higher cost basis than buying off market cuz 'it hits the lit market'

it's not just a bad trade, its overpaying for a bad trade twice AND buying back shares from shorts...

welcome to the werewolf game.
dinner will be served shortly after the appetizers.
imagine thinking the game is rigged, but your going to OVERPAY the market for something and then the game is unrigged and you win.

first you lost thinking its rigged
then lost thinking overpaying is going to fix it
2 wrongs dont make a right, so you thinking you found a loophole to get them is the another L

you've played yourself and caught 3 losses on the same long trade and the emotional damage inflicted is much higher, specially if you comment in this thread.

Ask yourself if you are in the market to be right, or to make money.

fool proof method on how to trade trendlines -> www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_AZgoP2...
the only relevant levels currently
harnessing my extreme, carefully curated bran damage into seeing the future predicting next YOLO update by RoaringKitty.

he will flex bigger losses than the gains he was first known for.
Actual diamond hands.
MarketCypherB Money Flow Index still green on the daily.
People are still putting money into this as its dropping in price with less than 1/3rd average volume.

Guess what's going to happen when the Money Flow turns red and people start removing money from this market? The shorts win more and more as people sell driving the price down to no willing buyers.

the price action for Up was invalidated so much higher in $ it is not possible to achieve currently, which means every pump is a high to short to a new local low.
you should not be using indicators to get levels, but at the very least. if you do use indicators to give you levels.

at least use indictors that give valid levels and signals. (no I wont share this indicator with you, you'll bungle this anyways. go learn price action)

as they money flow turns red and money is removed, price will drift into laddered orders to sell to market - No wise or education person will buy that range.
No one will save this.
No one will save your investment.
post some links to bad GME info if you want me to explain why they are wrong as I drink some beer and laugh.

quadruple 30 minute bottom...
If a level was strong, why does price keep going back there?
if you keep banging on a door, does it get stronger over time?
from saying nothing to worry about 2 days ago and risk is defined to
yelling and screaming and panicking on the mic, drawing every trend line, harmonic and anything else possible - all to tell people to put their stop below the range...

a person with 15 minutes education on trading could have came up with the same stupid entry and no harmonics required.
We know where stops are going to be generally, roughly.

more people punting buys on a falling knife with a stop outside of the range is how the price action moves level to level seeking liquidity and creating whoosh zones where price can't catch a bid as the market sells cascade into levels
*hits the bong*
Son - we have to talk, have a seat while I teach you trend lines are not a thing.
bullish formation printed
measured moves, emas, fibs, moon cycle, magic, voodoo, a blind man on a porch that has not left a rocking chair in 72 years.
they will all give the same levels for moves up within some small margin of error.

trendline/retail traders: looks great guys
keep buying the lows and putting the stop under.
bullish move incoming to $ same range everyones expecting based on favourite indicator I read price from
... time passes
... next week or something idk
bullish narrative deployed
time passes
some crying i assume
... time passes
even better bigger more great bullish narrative
trendline traders already redrew the lines biggger with larger projections in price now.
its serious.
time passes.
price makes a higher (insignificant high)
same thing as before
buys with stops under. zoom out
there is no trendlines.
only price, time, and resting liquidity from new, poor & unmanaged positions that wind up killing the same price they bought or simply temporarily selling the bottom as someone buys their loss
Your believers turn to your doubters at your lowest.
a true down ass MF like Gill?
a true down ass MF like Gill is not panic selling
why would it surprise you if he holds OVER 9 MILLION shares at an unrealized loss while seeing how his bet on management plays out to build something?

there is a reason they are called LONGS. when have you ever heard of something great being built overnight?

the ai stuff is posted as a troll because I see so much of it used for apes. but its actually relevant and I didnt want to type that
sometime - say nothing
if trendlines are one of the first things learned...
if 90% lose 90% in 90 days

the most simple shit somehow becomes a conspiracy when people take a loss
a fluke into a profitable position and they become -> streamable.com/ewqepe
if you read this idea and follow it cuz you think _________
if you read this idea and countertrade it cuz you think ___________

and come back here with losses saying it is my fault - I will laugh at you.
It could go up, it could go down. I don't know.
i'm not you, i don't know whats best for you or your risk profile, I'm not your paid financial advisor.
Your at your own risk:reward.
trolling aside. if you actually need help with something feel free to ask and I'll help if I can or point a finger if possible
potential last monday or week range raid in play
the same thing I've said a zillion times regarding what I watch for a bottom.
is the same thing I watch for a top.
is the same thing at any level.

any level can do the thing
any level can be a top or bottom if it does the thing
me, you, and the next guy don't know the next guys risk profile or if someone decides to enter or exit.
always look for the thing.
price @ level
forced activity either side, regain or reloss.

go find that, on anything now. 🍻
What if.
I've been psyopping this whole time and trendlines are highly powerful.
What if RoaringKitty has 6mm worth of short bias options and over 9 million shares.
What if nesting dollars of super moass cycles are intertwined and GME over takes AMZ.

I'm not creative enough to imagine such a thing, let me go ask my Son to give some ideas. Until then I'll watch the price and market.
What is happening to Jim Cramer?
CNBC FAST MONEY Jim Cramer drunk, hungover, or ??? talking about GME short squeeze. youtu.be/aSC4WTiZSjA
after you watch the youtube video, watch this 2006 Cramer clip talking about naked shorting odysee.com/@aemailad...hort-seller-tricks:e
Identifying scammers 101:
they will say you could have bought at $10 or $20 and wait till your rich from MOASS
they know more than you
but they want $500 USD for private group access
to tell you to buy, not sell, and hold on to a one way lotto ticket.

“First millionaires of the Gold Rush were not the diggers but those who sold them shovels and picks.” says the popular business school anecdote. It's true. Merchants like Levi Strauss, made their fortune selling provisions to california diggers during the Gold Rush.
If the guy believed his own bullshit he would tell you to buy GME instead of send him 500
if you see someone drawing patterns on oscillators, run for your life
if you see someone drawing harmonics, then extend the last harmonic level -25% below the predefined level for the last harmonic level, run for your life
actually, run for your life soon as they start drawing a harmonic
when they pull out a whole library of indicators and read off every single level the various indicator formulas give based on the recent price action and present this as THEIR analysis on the market - run for your life, don't look back.
"but there are a lot of _MFers_
spreading a whole bunch of dumb _fucking_
_bullshit_ and so we got to we got to kind
of put an end to the dumb _fuckin_ _BS_" - Bing (Daniel Kaluuya)

same kid drawing a bull flag.
fails to hold gains.
fails to hit target.
talking about price going back to the breakout level and saying the bull flag might still be valid...

the blind leading the blind for $500 a pop in private discord groups.

-10% retracement is a correction
-20% is a bear trend
saying -70% is a bullish harmonic is smoking crack from $500 discord access donations
everyone of these idiots I posted about in this thread went from talking about being calm a few days ago and price up before Friday, to not worrying and talking about bigger gains once the low is in and price goes up..

They don't understand price or failures.
Once one level fails to a new low they still think the previous targets are valid as if any underwater buyers will not immediately kill the price once they get back to break even.

These emotional one way lotto ticket buyers/promoters will never under any circumstances understand the most basic simple market/auction mechanics.
can't understand basic price, time, or auctions? better try to understand advanced derivatives as the next step in their technical analysis journey and how it effects price over time.
If you follow crackheads that chart assets and ask for $500 to tell you its going to short squeeze or crash -70% in a bullish harmonic, I will pray for you tomorrow.
please dont pay any of these crackheads posting videos on GME asking for donations to get in their groups.
just throw your money away or buy and smoke crack yourself.

they don't know a single damn thing, no one in their groups knows a single damn thing. you'll waste your money and be reading stupid stuff stupid people wrote and getting brain damage in the process.

there is a million better smarter traders and educators within the space that post free content online helping people. because they MAKE MONEY TRADING not selling you scams.
Last week low taken.
could go for the high... if it goes up non stop.
would have to hold what it gains on retests and continue if it is going to.
gme has done, and is doing the thing for a bottom under $24 currently.
I have partnered with a leading shovel company to sell vregrdedtrdr branded shovels.

Seeing how these people give stupid people money for blathering.
I have found my calling.
this won't be generational buy entries unfortunately.
looks bad
I can't tell you how to manage your trades or what entries to take.
But maybe look into having short stop losses in profit at 4hr candle highs in case this goes to high 20's/low 30's.

Don't let unrealized gains go from + to -
Don't give to the market
Trade closed: stop reached:
congrats if you bought the bottom
soon as the short trade got crowded we bottom.
wait for them to flip long and tell their followers its going to infinity price and it's a strong signal.
LWH raid next extended target.
I'm logging off this account and not posting anything here anymore.

If you want to chat stonks or whatever drop by discord .gg/CjB2FWvvUp or see ya in the books
it could be bart time for GME
last weeks high still valid raid target
system did give a long from the lows.
upside targets shown
4hr system long signal, readd and PT
imagine thinking I would not close near the bottom and be back talking about a long on the way up.
this is what I've been waiting for.

if you wanna BS about markets or learn some stuff, drop by the discord
losing this level is not good. don't be flip flopping buying and then selling that lower.

dips are for buying, not selling
they bounced it from my line.
worrying statistic.
people that think they are smart are talking trash in this thread thinking I'm short.

If it keeps happening I'll flip bias back to short until they sell for a loss and make a new local low.
up only to the price that will kill it.
unfortunately its going to be right where they think its safe to buy again
there is current and on going investigation regarding any accounts selling GME.

if you've sold GME everyone you know and love with be gathered to laugh at you once they're distributing it higher.
y'all got any more of them cars to sell and buy shares?
Trade closed manually:
it died
they killed it
if RK does not manage those shares he will have turned the quarter billion into 157mm @ $17

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