A month long Cup and Handle scenario?

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
Check out the text in the image that way you can properly look at the references made. NYSE:GME
Comment: For the record, this looked way better oriented before I published it. SMH


Good analysis. I shall use this to reinforce my confirmation bias and buy 10 more shares.
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how can a cup and handle shoot high but also retrace down 300% in the process? downt make any sense.
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@tjmorki5 great Q!
A couple of things that brought me to that marker.
1. GME has a pending squeeze enroute
2. GME has an unprecedented amount of support and attention right now, globally.
3. The Cup & Handle is a continuation trend, and since it's POSSIBLY connected to the January trend, which reached (at it's apex) 450$+, we can assume that the trend will continue along that route.
4. the retracenment was propelled mostly by the horrible Earnings Call, plus short calls so I'd definitely say it's possible for both of these possibilities.
Again, this is my take. If you have a greater understanding, care to share it with the class?
Thank you for writing this I’m a newbie and I’ve been too scared to invest so I will wait until sub 100 to do so
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@Whatup123 if that's your actual plan of action, make sure you utilize "alerts", and "limit orders" because, if and when that 100$ marker hits, it'll fill very quickly.