Binance will be listing GoChain VERY SOON!

BITTREX:GOBTC   GoChain / Bitcoin
GO has been making huge fundamental moves in the last couple weeks. Binance announced that they have won the free listing of the month and the C.E.O. hinted at Sunday being the day. Depending on where you're at in the world this could mean in just a few hours!

We've just broke the downtrend and have formed an unusual inverse head and shoulders . RSI is looking great as well.

Be ready for this to take off anytime now.

30-150% gains possible coming. I'm selling in increments on the way up. Don't get too greedy and enjoy the easy gains!
Look for the yellow support line.

If it dips below, don't panic. The freight train is coming folks!
Comment: It's odd that there's so much downward action on Bittrex in BTC compared to GO on Kucoin's ETH pair. My original chart matches up a lot better with Kucoin where GO has been since the beginning.

Either way it looks like Binance is accumulating before their announcement. Hope everyone is holding strong.