GOLD - Collpase. But Money Printing?

TVC:GOLD   CFDs on Gold (US$ / OZ)
This is why the market is cruel to average Joe who is worried about how to keep his hard-earned work safe. But you have to understand market dynamics and regardless on severe inflation of currencies, GOLD looks like it is topping out here and falling into a bear market.

I've been short since 1900. Will add on bounces to the upper median line or to 0.618 retracement . Will sell on touches to the lower median line .

Down to $1500 area minimum.

Not advice.
Comment: Very bearish weak domed top forming with bounces not exceeding 0.786 and sudden collapses - all indicating that a bearish motive wave is underway.
Comment: GOLD getting crushed.


PERFECT CALL where are all your haters now with the patience of a gnat ? I dont see them compliment you on your recent BTC SHORT call again perfect or ETH Perfect - Simply show they were here to distrup they know nothing and imo opinion dont warrant even a reply to their childish nonsense one of whom has even had his Twitter account suspended for what he called a bug" in his Twitter account - We checked there is no such "bug" Please go read Twitter Rules for suspension then as yourself why this fellow is still allowed on TV .
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This idea seems more like a YOLO bet than anything. You're bound to get rekt eventually if you really trade like this on a regular basis.
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dRends35 metaloph1l
@metaloph1l, This is quite a basic trade using EW and phi.
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NewYork888 metaloph1l
@metaloph1l, The only ones that got rekt on this trade were if you bet against it
metaloph1l NewYork888
@NewYork888, You're right. My comment had more to do with the lack of explanation given initially. But after reading through his responses here, I saw the merit in his analysis. I didn't trade this anyway, so enjoy your gains. I still have doubts it will reach 1500 though, but I'd actually look forward to it so I can buy more for cheap.
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We have all seen one poster on this thread calling the publisher a "scammer" "paid fraud" etc meanwhile this call is aging very well and was 100% correct. Please try to ignore the noise and watch the results.
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The timing of this call was PERFECT - Anyone saying otherwise is simply here to disrupt this thread and gaslight. Along with this perfect call the publisher has now turned LONG to catch this mornings bounce - Calls don't get any better than these. #GLD #Gold #SLV
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What a GREAT CALL!!! GOLD getting crushed here!
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Great call DOWN 3% plus thus far that's a lot for gold to tumble
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dRends35 NewYork888
@NewYork888, Thanks.