Gold will rise on fears of USD instability

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In every way possible the US is reducing its role on the global stage and becoming less of a global superpower. Unless new signals reassert American dominance globally it can be easily assumed that USD will loose purchasing power along with its parent nation. Money is needed to move politics, war and global trade. If the US pulls back from these activities there will be less demand for USD. In other ways we are still waiting for another 2008 style black swan to bring the party to an early end. The US debt is also untenable and could bring the entire world to a standstill. Its against this backdrop of mistrust and uncertainty that investors will again turn to gold and for some cryptocurrency. With fewer POW cryptocurrencies and more tied into traditional finance and backed by traditional assets they too are at great risk of crashing with the rest of the markets ( except for Monero, Litecoin and the original Bitcoin )