Gold consolidation range

TVC:GOLD   CFDs on Gold (US$ / OZ)
Orange level is the support, formed since sundays low wick testing 1680. This support has held, guided price to resistance of the consolidation range.

The light blue is short term support within the consolidation range.

I’d enter a sell from the break of the support is basically what I’m getting at here

(Im already in sell, used lower time frame after closing my buy around the 1750 resistance zone that was hit on Wednesday, price retracted slightly, I jumped the gun & entered the sell 1748)


If I’m being honest not 100% sure until this mini consolidation just above 1750 is over.
Others might say different but it’s been a key area for me, when price was above 1800 and when it spiked 1680.
So now I’m stuck waiting for those supports to be hit see if price glides up along side it towards 1759 1768 1778 1795 or nose dives pressing 1738 1725 see what happens at the consolidation support.
Sorry you had to read this book as a reply 😂 All the best 🤗
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I have a sell @1747 jumped little. Think we will see a drop back to this level?
@j18bes sorry I didn’t press reply when I started typing 😆 it’s there 👉👌😬