With markets poised to fall tomorrow, IT seems a good bet, so if someone is long in this, remember the support of 692.

If it goes below that and sustains, u can see levels of 683 and 673, on upside 699, 704 and above

***CAREFUL*** - its a small timeframe chart, be cautious

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I have started putting these charts as a contribution from my side to all people who are new to business, as I had to struggle a lot without any sources at disposal. So please consider this a just small contribution from my side.

Few Honest Disclosures:

1. Any idea shared is my personal view, its not a recommendation, neither any kind of paid propaganda, so please
do your bit of research.
2. Ideas shared does not mean that I trade all or have position in them, this is just a helping hand to all.
3. I expect no comments or like nor any negativity, as I said its just a small helping hand from my side, please plan your risk and trade as per your capacity.
4. To trade in Cash, options or futures is your sole choice and your own risk
5. I am no expert in Tech Indicators, I believe in support resistance and trendline theory, you may use this as a supplement theory for better results.
6. I work for my own living, this is a hobby which I do sincerely to help anyone who might come across my charts.

Trade active: All targets hit on upside :)


All targets hit on upside :)