HD Triple Support Convergence

NYSE:HD   Home Depot, Inc. (The)
1. Home Depot is nearing three distinct support indicators that converge at the 290.00-300.00 range. The 200 EMA , trend line from October 2019, and trend line from March 2020 all meet within the 290.00-300.00 range. Price currently sits above this range, and tested 300.00 in the previous few months. The three supports in this range should serve as a launch point for price, and price can retest the support before more upside.

2. The lower end of the support zone (290.00) was a notable resistance point on two different occasions during October 2020. Now it acts as a strong support, and price should hold on to this level with much strength. It is a good confirmation to the other trend lines .

3. Relative strength index shows a repeated pattern that has been followed by significant upside on two recent occasions. For RSI to reform this pattern, price needs to pull back to the support level and consolidate. After a confirmation of the support level and a reset of RSI , shares can move decisively to upside.