🔥HOTBTC ready for next leg, 4-8-5-10-7-12 is perfect Fibonacci

HOT is an asset I'm fundamentally bullish on. Something something alternative form of blockchain.. too smart for me to understand, but I know some talented traders did research on it, and Weiss Ratings also called it ages ago.
I bought some at 5 and 6 sats when it looked like it had bottomed. I intend to swing it up as far as it will go. My first take-profit is 12 sats .
Another entry (and this is not financial advice) would be 7 sats , if you can get it, and here's why.

HOT loves Fibonnacci levels. I could take you back through the chart, but you can just draw it yourself. Specifically, 1.272 extensions and 0.618 retracements. It's uncanny.

So, 4 sats was the bottom. Next move is clearly the impulsive one.
8 sats was the top of leg 1.
A 0.618 retrace is somewhere between 5 and 6 sats , which we hit to complete leg 2.
A 1.272 extension is 10 sats - yup.
A 0.618 retrace is 7 sats . We hit that already. We could expect some more consolidation around here, which is the suggested entry.
Yes it might wick to 6 sats , which could be the only way of getting filled bang on 7. If I can't get a bid on a low-sat coin like HOT filled at the sat price I want, I'll consider looking at the USDT chart.
So the question is - where's leg 5? Assuming nothing crazy happens in BTC or the wider economy (again) we should head for a 1.272 extension between 13 and 14 sats . My 12 sat target is the more conservative 1.0 extension, or, me making sure of getting my ask filled f we touch 13.
If that plays out, I'll be looking to rebuy lower and do it all again.