Perfect Buying Oppurtunity

As the title suggests, this a a perfect buying opportunity. A new project that will probably do very well in the future, down 95% and just double bottomed. This coin could do over 1000x during the next run up. Awesome project, brand new, cheap. Rare opportunity to get in a good project like btc or eth early. That's where all the $ is made, not people who buy when the price is already up 100's or thousand's of x. "HODL BTC!" The price is up 3 million x, how much money are you going to make? People just like to jump on hype trains, get in early before anybody is interested, before its exciting, while its boring, and you will make it. It's called smart money for a reason, so later dumb money can wish they had bought sooner, or hadn't had paper hands and sold out early out of impatience and lack of experience. This may not be a short term play, it could take years for this investment to mature, those who are willing to take the opportunity, and have the patience to hold until its life changing will succeed.
Comment: This asset could go up 30,000x, like BNB did, and eth will do. May take 5-10 years. Probably will do a 1000x during the duration of this bull run for crypto.


We appreciate the digest as well. Usually 95% down is my go to for looking for long swings. This coin is definitely more than that
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@Rhylolnakamoto ICP could be literally a big present of life. It can really make 100x.
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You really nailed this one my friend. Good job!
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I have bought ICP for approximately 30$. And i think it's bottomed because if the drop so huge, it's time to buy. I am confident this is not a shitcoin.
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