ENTER 64.6 61
Stop 54
Targets 76.5 88.4 103 119

Mid-term Long position. I don't recommend keeping positions open for this long, however, I have calculated the fees for having the trade open for so long and it's manageable

Stop is at the lower end of the daily range and 6h chart shows potential for it to drop back down again into the wedge as it's too early for a breakout IMO.
Trade active: EP1 triggered @ 64.6
Comment: Up 35% so far 🙌🏻🚀 LFG
Comment: I’ve moved stops to BE
Comment: So far it’s following the trend perfectly
Comment: I’ve set stop at 60.5, you can see it bouncing off of EMA200 on 6h chart, if we stay above this I see a pump coming
Trade closed manually: I’ve closed the trade here, not seeing the reaction I thought I would, secures good profits though 💪🏻
Comment: For anyone who held on, looks like it's following my prediction well after a slight delay, balls of steel!!!