IMX is the most underrated L2

IMX is Ethereum's layer 2 blockchain targeting GameFi. It is a protocol for creating IMX NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows transactions to be executed quickly and without additional fees. Immutable X uses an optimized Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm to provide high transaction speed and low cost, while keeping Ethereum secure and decentralized. With zk-rollup technology, Immutable X speeds up transaction validation, providing scalability and reducing commission costs. Immutable X also allows you to create free transactions, making it ideal for games and other applications where multiple transactions are a necessity.

IMX's main revenue, like any L2, consists of commissions for generating transaction batches at the second level, as well as capturing the results of these transactions at the Ethereum level. IMX also takes 2% of all secondary sales on marketplaces that use IMX's order book.

IMX has implemented a steaking mechanism, which would more accurately be called pseudo-staking. 20% of the net income of IMX is converted into the native $IMX through the open markets and distributed between all the stakers. Because of that, the IMX project itself maintains demand for its token, in addition to sharing its profits with active users who support the project. In some ways, you could say that IMX is a kind of real yield product, which trend is growing more and more

IMX is in a narrow GameFi niche, providing unique opportunities for developers and users. Right now, blockchain-based GameFi sector itself is one of the most promising along with zk, RWA and NFTfi. On top of that, IMX has a transparent mechanism to directly influence the price of its native token to holders support.

Special mention should be made of the partnership between IMX and Polygon, so developers will be able to implement their products using all existing technologies, relying on Polygon's security. And users will get a better experience with their products.

As the entire GameFi sector evolves and the market as a whole continues to grow positively, IMX will take the lead in infrastructure for GameFi, with solutions that are time-tested and proven. Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts about IMX in a comment section


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