INDO potential massive spike

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AMEX:INDO   Indonesia Energy Corporation Limited

There is a lot to say here. in 2022 when Russia invaded the Ukraine INDO (a junk energy company) rocketed from 5 dollars a share up to 86 as gas and oil was put under strain and Europe started having fear of supply issues.

Does that catalyst exist now?

I believe yes. Nobody seems to have the Israel-Iran/rest of the middle east situation correct. This is not about Palestine directly. (I am going to go into some religion here, I am doing this because that IS what this is about.) In the old testament there is the story of the 10th red heifer. The first red heifer was sacraficed by Moses, and 8 others were over a very long period of time. This sacrafice is a sacrafice of purification, (and much more but that is not important to the trade plan) and this is one of, if not the, last step the people of Israel need to complete to start the rebuilding of the temple. The grounds of the temple mount need to be purified in order to bergin construction. If you know the area you know that Al-Aqsa mosque is built directly on top of the temple mount as well as the dome of the rock. These are two of the three most holy sites in Islam. The rebuilding of the temple threatens the existance of these sites. For the Jews to rebuild their temple, the Islam sites must be destroyed as they are built on top. to keep the Islam sites, the Jews cannot rebuild their temple. The people of Israel have recently flown in 8 red heifers for inspection, and there are rumblings that the sacrafice may take place this week over Passover.

That is what this conflict is all about and why Iran has attacked directly and not through a proxy for the first time ever. This conflict is JUST getting started, as this is a holy war. The IDF have their primary targets. The first targets are Irans nuclear sites, and their next targets are (after long last getting to the point) the oil refineries. If these oil refineries are hit it will cause a similar oil crunch that happened in 2022.

Will the same massive spike take place? well before the 2022 spike there was a smaller jump from 2 to 7, it happened with a massive spike in volume from the normal 30-day volume average. This massive spike in volume preceded the massive rally that took place as investors started paying attention to these small garbage energy companies. And sure enough last week the stock jumped from 2 to 5 on a massive volume spike. a stock that normally trades under a million shares hit 56 million in volume. The relationship is uncanny.

I believe people are starting to look at this stock in anticipation. It has the vision on it, it has the catalyst, and it has the history. This may become one of those rare situations that dont come along too often.
I didnt mention before, something to keep in mind, this is a pre catalyst play (even riskier) so its a hold UNTIL the catalyst in the middle east. I just see that as almost ienvitable over the coming weeks. Keep you positioning and entry in mind with this. Its not anticipated for tomorrow, or even this week.