NASDAQ:INO   Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Hi Traders,

Lets look on INOVIO underneath the hood and see if we can come up with trading idea .

Lots of opinions out there some Bullish and some bearish . My approach to this is follow the Money , News ,Gaps . Yes gaps,
Reason why I'm using the 1H chart on this is for you to zoom in and see my selected areas in purple and how they worked out in past so you can come up with your opinion on it .
I only selected some of them and also added the time frame on it ..
I will share multiple approaches with this following the information .
So lets start with numbers .....

I Like to point out Short Float on there . Its getting high !

Who is holding and when they got on it .

Like to know more >

Pointing out 2 the largest multinational investment management companies in USA Black Rock and The Vanguard Group .
We also know that they invested end of September and we know the price of the asset . Between me and you lets give them a good deal and call it $11 even .
Institutions are holding
If you trade INO or holding it we know its pretty volatile but recently its kind of quiet AVG 11M DSV .

Information, news and open mind perspective .

At first, it was a question who can get their vaccine out first? but I think it's shifted to which vaccine can be distributed easier and faster to administer?

At current rate, only 40-60M will be vaccinated by the end of 2021 in US. What's holding them back? each area still have 9X the doses they'd already used so it's not like they ran out. Perhaps the thawing of a vaccine plus the 30mins wait after inoculation to see if any serious allergies provoked? who knows. But keep in mind, these are all healthcare people, it'd be even harder to do the paper work and schedule regular people in to be vaccinated.

If every single country started the same time as US, by the end of 2021, we'd have 10%-20% of the world vaccinated.

Why $INO is deferent than Famous pump Moderna JJ or others ? ( We can talk about it for long time Imo MRNA will dump at least 50% from here .... )

Inovio Pharmaceuticals reported that Phase 1 clinical trial data evaluating its INO-4800, showed that the COVID-19 vaccine candidate was immunogenic in 100% of the participants and induced neutralizing antibody responses. Shares rose 1.9% on Thursday.

In addition, INO-4800 demonstrated favorable safety and tolerability, with no serious adverse events reported, Inovio (INO) said. The vaccine candidate has a best-in-class thermostability, including a five-year projected shelf life at normal refrigeration temperature and requires no frozen transport or storage requirements.

"We are very pleased to share peer-reviewed Phase 1 clinical data for INO-4800 published in The Lancet's EClinicalMedicine, and are grateful for the support of all participants and investigator staff involved in the clinical trial," said Inovio CEO Dr. J. Joseph Kim.

The Phase 1 clinical data results for Inovio’s COVID-19 DNA vaccine candidate were based on the first cohort of 40 participants in the US aged between 18 to 50. The participants received 1 mg and 2 mg vaccine doses. Each participant was given two doses of INO-4800 four weeks apart. Each dose was administered by intradermal injection using Inovio’s proprietary smart device Cellectra. The 1 mg and 2 mg dose group both demonstrated seroconversion in 95% of the participants, respectively, with 78% showing neutralizing antibodies in the 1 mg dose group and 84% demonstrating neutralizing antibodies in the 2 mg dose group.

Yes its only phase 1 (some say it will never finish phase 2) BUT what I like to point out is how smart they play the game in long run ^ text ^ .

Ok so we know that now what ...
Lets look on 1D .

Here you can see areas that I selected based on 1H gaps pre and post market . If you zoom in and look around on your char you will see them . These should be our target zones . 1D looks good and wants me to jump on the trade but I like to point out something .

Fact that price shoot up and got rejected to the same spot with in 2 H makes me think about multiple options ... 1/ Some one is closing shorts witch we know are on heavy side .. 2/ MM was trying to pump the price too eliminate some of supply ... BLACK ROCK guys don't like to loose money and they are under the water ~ $1 a share ... 3/ It was just pump and dump ... I know little shallow but its market ..

1D tells me we going up 1H makes me think twice knowing about the gap below and fact that we have lots of shorts in the play with lower target IMO ...
Patience here will be a key . If price start to go up from here I will start accumulating and buying the dips with upper target in mind and one above that one . The big gap .
If we go lower this week I will place my order at lower gap area and do one stop shop .

We will see how this will play out . In my opinion we will have some movement with this ticker very soon . Bears might push this down make people loose their faith and sell and we know how that works . Or we will see pretty good short SQUEEZE ...

Let me know what you think . Share your opinion and hit that like button if you like my approach ..

Cheers and see you next time ..