$IPL swing trade buy set-up ASX

Here's my buy set-up $IPL Incitec Pivot Ltd based on a consistent bullish trend , price testing support, higher high candle although somewhat red at the moment. Price is oversold and the chart looks ok overall for a reasonable probability it heads north. As always, this could go against my call, hence stop loss in place to minimize loss. Admittedly there is a bit of red volume so this is a risky trade. Not financial advice.
Comment: Pleasant surprise I logged into Commsec and my entry price was 3.673 not 3.80 according to the figures (limit buy order). Markets in general are shaky right now so longs that would normally play out to plan may not. Time to start looking for short opportunities I think.
Comment: Im noticing that tradingview chart doesn't exactly correlate with the Commsec chart, it's close, but there are slight variations here and there with the price levels.