Is it time to buy Kinross (K) ?

Kinross (K) is now back in bullish territory with the recent 10/200 EMA Cross over.
For Long Term Trend followers, this is great news.
And for some may prompt a buy signal.
For more aggressive traders, they may have entered down at the 20 EMA Zone,
I did and got kicked out on volatility a few weeks later. I will take the 16% or so.
I never got another entry area as it whip-sawed hard during Christmas break.
I trade with a 4% TSL due to my position sizing rules.
For me, its time to find another good entry zone.

For Buy and Hold Investors, Kinross could also be a strong contender for your portfolio.

This is not investment advice, but simply a record of what I am watching,
and a way to help me stay accountable for my trading decisions.

Trade and Invest smart.
Always use your best judgement.
Never Risk more than you can afford to lose.

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Comment: It may be time to take profit on this long trending stock.