Significant point : 0.004762

BINANCE:KEYUSDT   Selfkey / TetherUS
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It is not easy to find a coin (token) with a good flow other than a few previously published coins (tokens).

Therefore, it is recommended to check the support and resistance sections of the big picture of the altcoin you have set and observe how they move in those sections.

(KEYUSDT chart)

(1M chart)
KEY is approaching 0.004762, near the HA-High indicator on the 1M chart.

So, if we see support around 0.004762, we would expect a move to renew the previous high.

(1W chart)
In order to do so, the key is whether the price can be maintained by rising above 0.006392.

If it continues to decline, it is expected that the HA-Low indicator on the 1W chart will rise and be created.

Therefore, you need to make sure that there is support around the HA-Low indicator on the newly created 1W chart.

When it rises after receiving support from the HA-Low indicator, it usually touches the vicinity of the HA-High indicator, so that is the first selling period.

(1D chart)
Even zooming in on the 1D chart, you can see that around 0.004762 is a critical point.

From the big picture, it can be seen that a sideways section is formed over the 0.004762-0.008175 section.

Therefore, it is important which direction the price maintains based on the 0.006392 point in order to get out of this sideways section.

If price holds above 0.008175, it is likely to see a sharp uptrend as it is expected to break out of the long-term downtrend line.

Therefore, in order to trade this coin (token) in the mid- to long-term
1st: 0.004762
2nd: 0.006392
3rd: 0.008175
The 1st to 3rd sections above correspond to the buying section.

Based on this, you can create a trading strategy that suits your investment period and respond accordingly.

If it falls below the 1M chart's HA-High indicator, that is, below 0.004762 and shows resistance, do not trade until you touch the 1M chart's HA-High indicator or HA-Low indicator again.


** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** Even if you know other people's know-how, it takes a considerable period of time to make it your own.

** This is a chart created with my know-how.


(The key is whether the four-year cycle pattern can be continued)

(4년 주기 패턴을 이어질 수 있는지가 관건)

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