BATS:KO   Coca-Cola Company (The)
Potential to see a decent sized exit pump.
I would play it like this.

IF earnings brings us down to like 43, BUY.
IF earnings brings us up to 57-63, SELL.

There are only two really short term trends I could find, they both trend down. The rejection trend is quite strong, I expect this stock, if it tops out, to top out around 71. But it's hard to say at this exact moment. Tomorrow we will know more.

Be aware, there isn't much more room to the upside, but KO is a slow moving stock, so it could be a long way out. Long term projection is still bullish.

There is support at 52-50, and you could see a movement from that number. I'd expect the biggest movement to occur, should earnings take us really negative. I would start to favor the topside.
We reached the bullish trade target, and should start to look for a short entry or realize profits.

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