Kusama KSMBTC 55%+ expected return over the next week

Hello everyone

the purpose of this post is to support my previous trading Idea, if haven't seen it I recommend you have a look at it first. first let me briefly describe what you are seeing on the chart. In white you can see the price of KSMBTC , while in black that's the set of technical indicators that I'm using. this set is composed of simple moving averages with the following period lengths (20, 40 ,80,160,320,640,1280,2560,4999). the purpose of using this methodology is to analyze both the trend and volatility over the short-term, mid-term, and long-term. it is worth noting that this is a line chart with each data point equal (H+L)/2 OF 2H candle sticks. this chart covers the last 6 months.

Now, let's get to how I got this prediction. basically this setup has two modes; compressed which is the buy zone and, stretched which is the sell zone. the compressed mode is when the price and short-term moving averages get closer to the longer-term moving averages, while the stretched mode is when the price and short-term moving averages get further away from the longer-term moving averages. to trade this, the more compressed it is the more you buy and the more stretched it is the more you sell while in between you just freeze. Now if you look at the chart you will find KSMBTC is in the compressed mode and you will see that it has very nice long-term trend, it doubles on average every 60 days (will explain how to quantify trend strength in next posts) which means that you are buying a very undervalued asset.

with all that said my conclusion is that KUSAMA ( KSMBTC ) is expected to be one of the best performing crypto-assets in the next week or two.

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