LCDP ready to start

For several days I have been buying the Spanish project LA CASA DE PAPEL #LCDP on BSC on Pancake Swap. These are coins associated with the emerging game. The creators are not associated with Netflix but the game will be inspired by the series. The price of the coin is very low due to marketing that is just beginning. The token was already pumped by listing on CG and CMC . The number of available coins is 2.25B and due to its economy it is constantly decreasing. The tax is 6% (2% for marketing, 2% for holders, 2% is burned). My TP long term is a minimum of $2. The investment risk is of course high, but the potential profits are huge. Mathematics shows the potential for a price of $34. The project will be promoted on YT from tomorrow.
Trade closed: target reached: Pump'n'Dump x2,5