Life Clips (LCLP) Becoming Legit

OTC:LCLP   Life Clips, Inc
.004 has developed as the floor for this particular stock. It's been a long time coming since the triple zero days, but finally it's arrived at the "next level." Still a loooonnnggg way to go, though.
Tentatively, I'm interested to see if the current upward leg can break the blue downward trend line (A), and allow the price to continue on its' upward journey to meet the upward sloping black trend line (B) at the near-term target area of .0204 circa May 12 (give or take).

I would expect a pull back after, were that to happen, before a more major upward thrust toward an .0805 level around mid-to-late June. I'm taking extreme liberties in guesstimating that range, so take it as nothing more than a guesstimate.

Unlike years past, this company is making real deals and real process, instead of just rumors of deals and progress. As more company PR's come forth , I expect positive reactions to continue.
This isn't meant to be used for investment purposes and should only be viewed as interpretive analysis only.
Comment: A more near term target, using the descending wedge from 13 APR, could potentially be .0136. This is based on using the support line at .0045 and an estimated breakout point of .0065. Good luck to all and enjoy observing how this unfolds!