Lufthansa AG - turning around from Stage 1 to Stage 2?

With all the movements happening right now and so much focus put on FANG type of stocks - I am looking for some possible entries in other sectors.
I have flown with Lufthansa too many times :) That also helps me to know the quality of the business ... but in the world of investing - no emotions .... lets look at what the chart and its Price Action tells us.
Lets start with Weekly ....
Following the 240% growth - the stock has experienced a close to 80% price correction. It happened over almost 3 years with bottom reinforced by Covid events. All that time 40SMA (equivalent to 200SMA on daily) has been trending down - basically removing any interest on my side.

Though since the move over 40SMA (around November 2020 time) - i am watching the stock. And things are turning around. Here is what I see:
40SMA is trending up now</p>
look at this huge volume in Q2 of 2020 - someone was buying in bulk :)

Lets look now closer at Daily chart:
Longer SMAs (150 and 200) are growing and price is above them - good sign</p>
Price dived under 50 SMA - not so good sign
We have seen a short term up trend (from 8 up to 13 price level) - what we see is a natural correction now

So what am I waiting for:</p>
Break the downward trend on daily
start setting up new higher lows and higher highs
signal level at 11. 01 .
We will see how it plays out ..... :)