Update for Links inverse head and shoulders pattern, we have smashed through the 0.5 FIB level and now today we are looking to hold this level for our daily close. A close above the 0.5 could send link flying due to us also breaking out of this wedge resistance! This will be a very close daily close for us by the looks of it, so keep your eyes open and watching. Also keep in mind BTC will drag or pump the market depending on where bitcoins price goes. The RSI bounced off the 50. point and we need to see a confirmed break above this to see a full scale uptrend. I think this is very likely in the coming days as we are getting indication from the MACD of Bullish momentum, we see the indicator threw out a buy signal and we are seeing a potential bullish cross of the MA's (Blue ontop of orange) With that we notice a long overdue green bar on the histogram which is bullish . I got a feeling alt coins are mostly all on the verge of a big breakout in the coming days, all indicators and technicals are giving that hint just even comparing the indicators with XRP on my last TA, Big moves ahead guys! Not financial advice just my opinion!