NYSE:LLY   Eli Lilly and Company
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Hi Mosh, me again for learning purpose.

I thought that for bullish/bearish flag, the PT is usually derived by taking the length of the pole and using it from the breakout point. In this case, why is the target zone projected to be even lower than that? Saw that you circled the gap somewhere in mid Jan. Please enlighten, thank you.
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does that mean getting a put? I'm a newbie here... What date what strike price??
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Hakimipous Crooket
@Crooket, I'd like to know too
Crooket Crooket
o... so looks like that's the game here... Lol... we'll try to win it!!

bearish setup
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Moshkelgosha Yuriy_Bishko
Any ideas why still floating? Does lily breaks 180 mark. I think creates cup with handle.
This projection is awesome! I still can't figure out how you see the drop. It looked consolidation back then and near ATH.
Great call. Does it need any further confirmation?