LPTH still within the typical range

NASDAQ:LPTH   LightPath Technologies, Inc
News out afterhours showing that that LPTH has been awarded the renewal of a multiyear supply agreement valued above $2.4 million which is a 50% increase over the prior contract. The supply agreement is for two types of glass aspheres which enable a global industrial engineering company to manufacture precision measurement and motion control devices across a diverse range of industries including additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and healthcare.

That upper resistance level lines up almost spot-on with the 618 Fib line. Meanwhile the 786 fib has only been tested a few times as a lower level of support in the last few months. I guess we'll have to see if there's enough juice to squeeze out of this range in the morning. Either way, I don't think I'll start getting excited unless we break, hold, and test that upper fib as a new support after tomorrow.