POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Lisk has now entered its 2nd week of trading.

Quote Bitmex Crypto Trader Digest May 30, 2016: "Last week LSK listed on Poloniex with an extraordinary opening day in terms of volume and price action. Its I.C.O. price was 0.00018265 LSK/XBT and immediately listed at 0.00275 LSK/XBT on Poloniex (1400% return), the price dumped to a low of 0.00035 and is now trading around 0.00070. Trading volumes surpassed ETH, the most liquid altcoin right now, showing that LSK is a serious contender in the cryptocurrency space.

It is interesting to note that even over the extreme run up in BTC /USD over the weekend, LSK/XBT has held its ground. To give you some numbers, the performance of LSK/XBT since I.C.O. is approx, 283% whilst the performance of LSK/USD is 400%"

Above, my chart displays three bullish harmonic patterns. Butterfly pattern ranging up to 261.8%, Bat pattern up to 100%, and a Three Drives reversal pattern characterized by a series of lower lows that complete at around a 127-161.8% Fibonacci extension . StochRSI is correcting from oversold levels as well. Strong historic support levels from the 55k-70k range can now act as catalysts for upwards price action. Of course, this call will be dependent on volume of buy support. If price breaks down below 55k, there could be significant room for price to fall.

The second week for LSK is shaping up to be as exciting as the first.
Trade active: 55k support has not been broken yet.
Trade active: Price is testing 82K resistance