Mysterious MIT Litecoin Project: Coblee is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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A mysterious Litecoin project and countdown was launched today on MIT's official website:

This has lead to many speculations regarding the project. However, I like extreme thoughts, so I want to speculate about something else: could Coblee, aka Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, be Satoshi Nakamoto himself?

Lets take the following things into consideration:

1. Bitcoin was created in 2009.

2. Litecoin was created in 2011: it was one of the first altcoins to be released. The period between Bitcoin's creation and Litecoin's creation is quite small. Especially because Bitcoin was not that well known yet, so even less people had knowledge about the technology behind it.

3. When Charlie Lee (Coblee) created Bitcoin , it was just a prototype. He didn't think too much of it yet, and decided to remain anonymous.

4. Bitcoin gained traction and it started being accepted as a payment method on the dark net. This is why Charlie Lee did not want to be associated with Bitcoin . However, he did see the potential in his creation, and really wanted credit for his masterpiece. Charlie also realised his prototype had some flaws, so he decided to release a much better version: Litecoin. This time, he decided to take credit for his creation because he figured "Bitcoin has been used on the dark web for a while now, there is little chance Litecoin will replace it. It's therefore safe to be associated with this cryptocurrency."

5. Charlie Lee was one of the first employees of Coinbase, the world's largest cryptocurrency company. You don't get hired by a company like this simply because you created an altcoin similar to Bitcoin . Maybe Charlie told Coinbase he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but also signed an agreement to keep this a secret.

6. Years have gone by since; the man behind Satoshi is still (officially) unknown. Litecoin has made some giant leaps over the past year. It has become the most advanced cryptocurrency in the world. Not a single coin can compete with Litecoin; it is fast, it is secure, it has a long history, it never went through hard-forks, it doesn't have to deal with Bitcoin's political problems, it has several full-time developers, and it is tradable on all of the world's major exchanges (Coinbase, OkCoin, Bitstamp , etc.).

7. Charlie Lee leaves Coinbase, and just days later MIT announces this mysterious Litecoin project? This might be a coincidence, but I am skeptical.


I am 80% sure Charlie Lee is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Litecoin has a lot going for it right now. The coin is extremely undervalued. I expect at least $200 per Litecoin by October.

Comment: I still 100% believe Charlie Lee is Satoshi Nakamoto.
Comment: Reminder that Charlie Lee aka Coblee is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Creator of both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The theory above was first published by me under my previous username "MonocoleDundee", now, my username is "moonsie".

Bitcoin was created by Charlie Lee.
BTC was created by Charlie Lee.
Bitcoin was created by Coblee.
BTC was created by Coblee.

Charlie Lee is Satoshi Nakamoto.
Coblee is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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