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If history repeats itself in LTC, it's about to start pumping soon.
Of course, he can drop a wick into the green to soak up the moonboys before the trip, but the number of fakeots in this flag pattern has reached unbelievable numbers in the last six months, so another one would be ridiculous.
It's not for trading, just my opinion.
Maybe it will be different this time :)

According to Uncle Wyckoff, LTC should be in phase B just before the start of the decline, of course the question is whether the method is applied correctly, but it would make sense, LTC did not stay above the trend line and fell back and that is not exactly where it will attract bulls and I do not think it is a bear trap at the moment.
It would make sense to go below the June 2022 minimum for liquidity and start a new trip.
Only time will tell.
LTC has been halved and the price is going down (assumed).
I don't follow any news, but I saw a bull report somewhere that LTC sharks and dolphins (big players) have been aggressively hoarding LTC (205,400 LTC) since June 14th.
And after the halving they expect it to go up, I don't believe people with that much capital are stupid enough not to see that the LTC halving has historically been a sell signal.
However, they know very well what they are doing, they just wanted to ride in the pre-halving rally and classically dump it on the retailers above.
LTC will continue to and give unclear signals, a close below $77 will be decisive.
Will I be catching LTC along the way?
Certainly not, I prefer peaceful sleep.
I'll wait until the end of the year and see if LTC gets into my area of interest, if not, yes it's possible, I'll find something else to speculate on, no stress.
It would be interesting to look at the wallets of the big players who were so aggressively hoarding LTC around June 14th and see if the wallets were emptied in early July.
If any of you know where to look for it, please write it in the comments.
LTC is in a critical area.
But in any case, I expect the goal potentially only in the coming months, not tomorrow.
It is currently -32%, so some temporary pullback is definitely possible.
It depends on who the market maker takes liquidity from, short positions and then long positions, that's what the current market is all about.

So far, it looks like Mr. Wyckoff was right.
Thank you for what you left behind.

LTC could be in the right area to enter phase c as the market is showing bullish sentiment following the liquidation of short positions.
Rather than some quick shot to the top, I'd rather see a full-fledged bottom form, as I envisioned in the idea from March.
LTC is currently down -10% since my last post where I pinpointed the drop point.

On November 7th I posted that LTC would start going down after touching $77, it happened and it doesn't look like it wants to go up yet.
I still think a bearish flag and Wyckoff distribution pattern will play out with a target below the June 2022 low.
A valid close of at least two weekly candles above 0.5 can temporarily suspend or even cancel this idea.
Conversely, a close below $60 could trigger a sell-off and the start of Phase C.

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