$SHIB or $LUNA? Best gamble trade to be taking today. 🚨⚠️🚀💩

DoozerInvest Updated   
A month ago this idea wouldn't have even been a thought in anyone's mind. However the recent super-crash of $LUNA has put it in the same risk-category as any sh** coin. IMO $SHIB will have some opportunities coming for anyone who would like to trade the retail hype. At the same time I personally believe that $LUNA has become somewhat of a "meme-coin" itself at this point, however more like a "meme-stock" with massive pump-potential. (Should things play out in the right way) Because of this, I have charted the performance of $SHIB vs. the performance of $LUNA. It seems that $SHIB will be somewhat battling against $LUNA for the immediate future, but will then be overtaken, with a possible massive rise in performance by $LUNA against $SHIB. This could also turn out to be a nice "double-play", as a trader COULD POSSIBLY use this ratio to make more $SHIB (if $SHIB stays lower while $LUNA rises) then sit in that $SHIB position until a take-profit level is hit by $SHIB.

**This is all my own personal opinion, based on chart data. Not Financial Advice**
Somehow the charts were mixed up here. This chart is actually for $DOGE, in case you haven't already noticed that. 😅😅
This idea does hold the same weight for $DOGE as well, though. Might be interesting to note this as well.😋

I have also reposted the $SHIB vs. $LUNA chart after this one.


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