Luna to the moon within a week?


Maybe it's just me seeing this, but the fact that bottom of bollinger bands hasn't been touched for quite a while, because support from the trend has been placed higher and is visibly enough. On the other hand we have squeezing under a recent resistance. It needs to play out somehow within a week or so. Looks like a lot of steam in the kettle ;) which ends up on the moon.
Trade wisely and DYOR!
Trade active: worked sooner than expected :). Touched ATH. Last time it happened a month ago LUNA dropped to 0.5 - 0.618 Fib, so it is definitely time to close part of your positions now to secure profit. On the other hand market is extremely bullish and top of the channel is around $60 so fasten your seatbelt, DYOR and get gready ;)