MAIDSAFE Super Trend - Decision Point

White trend line (super trend) acts as bullish trend to signify re-entry/rejection.

Rising Wedge pattern plus super trend re-entry with higher closes and higher lows gives high probability movement towards the upside to finish off the 5th leg to 0.00034.
Possible rejection if price action moves above the super trend but returns back below.

Ideally long positions have been opened from below 0.00013 for a 2.6:1 R/R. Pattern invalid if price action breaks and closes below 0.000115.

If you miss this movement, look for an entry on pattern completion at 0.0001. A very low risk, high reward long position may be viable again in the future in ~1-2 years.
Price action may regard that a break of 0.0003 will signal major bullish movements above and beyond target.
Fundamentals of cryptocurrency market with geopolitical analysis show an affinity toward large investments in the crypto-sphere.

This is not investment advice. My personal opinion is to hold physical positions rather than margin positions. A diverse investment strategy covering a broad spectrum of ideas and support for those which make the most logical and rational sense, will be the smartest decision to minimise risk and maximise profit potential.