#MATIC, Intrigued by the volume displayed over the last 3/4 days


Intrigued by the volume displayed over the last 3/4 days 😏
Comment: the #MATIC rollercoaster is still going.

eager to see if it can finally gain momentum and attempt the R/S flip into continuation toward ~3k sats

/USD pair is also turning bullish according to the UCTS.

Since the most recent UCTS 1D Buy up 20%

I'll leave it running
Comment: update on $MATIC

Made a higher high and pushed straight to the ~3300 sats for around 40% since the latest UCTS 1D Buy

Rejection in this region could prompt an exit and preserve the profit while on breakout I'll be looking for an R/S as continuation

Comment: update on $MATIC

Nice R/S over the 3300 sats area
increasing the position's profit since entry—which was based on the 1D UCTS Buy signal—to over 60%🚀🚀

~3700 sats as the next important area to watch for rejection or breakout..

Comment: update on $MATIC

80% 🚀🚀

UCTS signalling the entire movement
almost 20% on the daily..

If you feel the urge, you are welcome to lock in some profits.


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