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*MBL is likely to rise more than 400% over the next month.
*Moviebloc's MBL market cap is just $50 million.
*BTC is expected to do V-shaped recovery


first, before I present my analysis let me briefly introduce my methodology. the price is represented by white candlesticks , the top chart is 12H candlesticks while the bottom chart is 6H candlesticks . the set of technical indicators on the price is composed of 9 price moving averages of the following lengths (16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096). At the bottom of the top chart, in orange is the 365 moving average of 12H price change in % (multiply that number by 2 and it gives the average % daily return over the past 6 months). finally, at the bottom of each chart, the black area represents the volume moving average (the volume is related to BINANCE exchange).

technical analysis

the first step in analysis we need to calculate rate of return, an easy way to do that is by calculating the average % daily return over the past 6 months (the number in orange multiplied by 2) which is around 1.56%. On this rate MBL price is going to multiply 17X times by year end, in other words a conservative $0.15 price target by year end and it will still be less than a billion dollar market cap.

next step is to analyze the volume . the volume in the top chart shows no selling activity, while the volume in the bottom chart shows volume surging with buying activity not with selling activity. this indicates that hodlers are not willing to sell because they know the value of their asset.

finally, the price analysis shows that MBL after a double bottom (the analysis is related to the bottom chart) is very likely to revert towards its longer term moving averages around $0.0155 in the near future, that's 80% expected return over the short term.

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