Martinrea International Inc - Double Down Time! Strong BUY

This is one of those immediate buys on the dip. The company has strong fundamentals with explosive short, medium and long term growth. Martinrea International Inc is not only grossly oversold, but also dipping below retracement levels and hitting hard resistance at 13.15 $ per share. Not only is the company trading at a resounding P/E of 6.6 x , but its increasing revenues and net profit quarter over quarter; Beating and exceeding analyst targets. Future earnings for Martinrea Internation inc. are expected to grow by an astounding 14.51% year over year. Taking into account the company is exceeding those targets with an adjusted growth rate from 14.51% to exceeding targets of 22.67% year over year. Fears have risen over tariffs affecting this company. Subsequently, although the companies MAIN headquarters is located here in Canada, its manufacturing and assembly locations are allocated close to manufacturing centers globally (Fear is over blown-but that's the market for you). The impact from tariffs on Martinrea International is minimal as sourced materials are brought in from local distribution centers, therefore, it will not impact their bottom line. Regardless of any impact, governments locally and abroad have vowed to support industries affected by tariffs in their home country. What are the analyst saying; Low price target of:$19.00$ ps; Medium: $20.78; High: $23.00 ps. My End of Year Price Target is range bound between 18.50$ - 20.50$ per share. I see the latter being 20.50$ per share with the assumption that Martinrea International can continue to beat analyst Quarterly targets, which I see them continuing to outperform. That being said, the short term drop in SP will be short lived! Expect a strong rebound in SP starting Monday, 2018-07-09. The initial rebound will be fierce and forthright, as the share price WILL be returning to its first key resistance/support levels of $15.00 per share by the latter part of next week. I do expect a 20% gain in the short term (Less 2 weeks) and a more realistic trailing P/E of 7.6 - 8.9 x; however reaching a P/E of 10.2 x by years end. (Industry Averages are 10.6 to 20.3 x P/E). It makes me sick to see Martinrea International Inc. at these levels. It's just too grossly undervalued.