MTL possible 50% Gain; LONG

BINANCE:MTLETH   Metal / Ethereum
MTL has briefly broken its descending wedge and will hopefully catch a ride on that ascending support line. As you can see, there is very little horizontal back resistance so it really has a chance to go up 50% to that top resistance. I also wanted to note, and I think many people already know this, but setting very low buy orders on any coin when you have extra ETH/BTC sitting around is always a good idea because these spikes (which I have hit a few good ones in the last week alone) are obviously instant profit.
Comment: Didn't hold, but just another to keep an eye on. I always prefer a below 20% retracement if I can get it before going in so hopefully MTL will get there and have another profiting movement. At about 23% right now and moving down the wedge.